When starting my blog, I had no idea how much work I’d have to put in.

I thought all I’d have to do is publish a few posts, share them on Pinterest, sit back, and watch my audience grow, but its not as easy as that, I am always looking for ways to grow my blog and expand my audience. The truth is there isn’t a simple answer to this. It takes a lot of time and patience. I am always learning but there are a few simple things I have learned that have helped me grow my blog and today I am sharing them with you.


It's not easy to come up with new and interesting content all the time. My ideas usually come to me when I least expect them. They can be inspired by a lunch I had with a friend, an article I read, a conversation I overhear or even something I see on TV, that’s why I always keep a small notepad with me, so that I can easily write down my ideas. I also write them down in a note app in my phone sometimes. There are days that I spend a few hours doing research and organizing my ideas. I find that id I do this I don’t have to worry about coming up with post ideas for a few weeks. This gives me more time and freedom to focus on creating content.

Improve Reader Experience

When putting your blog post together keep user experience in mind. Make sure that everything is easy to find; separate your text with paragraphs, use sub-headers to break up your blog posts. Use bold text to highlight important points and links. Use great photos to enhance your content.

Share More Than Once

If you have a blog you know how time consuming it is. You create this amazing content, you hit publish, your blog posts gets some views, comments, and then you move on to work on a next post. Go back to some of your older posts and re-share them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. When you publish a new post, try to share it at least twice that day- some of your readers might have missed it.

Utilize Social Media

Figure out which Social Media platform is most effective for you. Make sure that your posts can be shared easily- taking advantage of social media is essential for growing your blog. It’s great for not only sharing your content and expanding your audience, but also for connecting with your readers and networking with other bloggers. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration and blogging resources.Twitter and Facebook are great for sharing your content and staying connected. Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms, with recent updates you can now track your Instagram referrals in Google Analytics. This means that you can now see just how many visitors Instagram sends to your blog and whether or not your hard work is paying off. It’s important to do your research and know what works and what doesn’t work for you.


It's so important to connect with your readers and other bloggers. Sometimes I don't always have time to answer all the questions and comments but I always find time to catch up even, even if its a couple days late. Connecting creates a sense of community around your blog, builds relationships and trust. Connecting and networking with other bloggers in your niche can also help you grow your blog. Sharing and supporting content from other bloggers can help generate more awareness for your own blog.

Be Consistent

Make sure that your profile/featured image is the same throughout all of your social media profiles. If you can, make sure that your handle is the same, too. This creates brand consistency and can help build your presence. The same thing goes for the type of content you post- make sure that it’s all consistent with your brand/style.

There is so much more that goes into growing your blog and it is always changing and I am always learning something new, but hope these few tips get you started. What are some of the ways you grow your blog? Please share in the comments below...

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