Today I am traveling, heading to Fort Lauderdale for a few days before we get on a Carribean Cruise. I AM SOOO EXCITED...When I travel I am very particular what I pack in my carry on bag. I always overpack because I want to be prepared for just about anything. This takes all the stress of traveling out for me and makes for a more enjoyable journey. Here is what I pack in my carry on bag.

Healthy snacks: To avoid the traveling temptations and to make sure you are covered if you are delayed somewhere and can’t get to a place with food.

Scarf: Sometimes it can get cold on the plane and this is a great way to stay warm and travel in style.

Socks: We all love to take our shoes off during those long flight and my feel are always cold so I put these in my bag, they have been a lifesaver for me.

Headache medicine: Nothing worse then being stuck on a flight with a headache you can’t shake.

Charger: I always try to charge up before I get on the flight but these days there are plugs on some airlines, which make it more convenient.

iPad: I Store my favorite music and movies to keep me entertained while traveling. The iPad also doubles as my reading material for the journey I download all my magazines through the TEXTURE app as well as any books I might want to read during my trip.

Laptop: Never go on a trip without this. I love to write and when you are on vacation you feel inspired with the world around you. On the plane is a great time to get caught up on your work.

iPhone: How else am I going to be able to keep up with all my social media?

Gum: Keep that breath smelling minty fresh.

Sanitizer and Sanitary Wipes: True story: airports and airplanes are hotbeds of bacteria. One of the first things I do when I get on the plane is wipe off the tray table and the arm rest on my seat.

Make up: Beauty is in the eye of the ticket holder. I always do a quick touch-up before I land.

Lotion: After a day of travel, your hands will thank you. Trust me.

Lip Balm: Keep those lips feeling soft.

Passport case: You obviously have to travel with your passport, why not be fashionable and store it in a luxury passport case.

Travel Confirmations: Even though I usually store everything on my phone I always print out a copy of everything and keep it with me as my back up.

Headphones: Drown out noise and relax with some soothing music

Brush: Traveling can leave you feeling a little tangled.

Sun Glasses: Essential for those who are traveling to a sunny destination. Camera: For capturing all of those memories

What is one thing you pack in your carry on bag? I would love to know, leave your comments below..

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