We have all been there, we exercise, eat healthy and stay on track and finally the skinny jeans you love fit a little better. Now it seems like you’ve screeched to a halt and haven’t seen much change for the last several months. We’ve all been there continuous change is harder to sustain but today I am sharing some great tips to keep you going and getting the results you want.

Set a goal for each day.

Track every set and rep you do during your daily workout to show yourself you really are challenging yourself. If you did three sets of five repetitions today, try doing three sets of six tomorrow. Or if you sprinted for 60 seconds yesterday, try going for 90 seconds today. While this may seem like small hurdles, the best way to get results is to push you out of your comfort zone and kick-start the change you're working toward.

Increase your daily calories.

When we are trying to reach our goals we always think less is more and with that eat as few calories as possible. While you might see short-term results, actually increasing calories allows your metabolism to kick in rather than go into fasting mode. Your body craves healthy fats and protein, especially when working out, so it’s important to make sure you’re eating enough to build muscle and see the benefits of your hard work.

Change up your workout.

If you’ve been doing the same exercise routine for a while, your body has become use to the way it works during this particular exercise. Changing your workout can shock your system and challenge your muscles. If you’re a runner, add hills or short sprints into your plan. If you like weights, add cardio to challenge your body and if you want to increase your flexibility try yoga. All this diversity will give your body the boost it needs to burn calories.

Eliminate “cheat days.”

Ahhh I always look forward t those cheat days. Life happens, and you are going to have days where you feel like splurging, but don’t make it a full day event. Try to incorporate one cheat like a special meal out or that piece of birthday cake from time to time—and then get right back on track with the next meal. This will satisfy your cravings and keep you on track at the same time.

Do you have tips on how you maintain a healthy lifestyle? Share them in the comments below!

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