Although I workout at least 5 days a week, and stay consistent every week, Its not easy, some may find it easy to do this and stick with it but for me it is so hard, especially when you have so much going on in life, which I am sure we all do. So today I wanted to share the reasons why I workout and I wanted to share the many different types of workouts I do.

Why do I workout?!

  • I absolutely LOVE to eat, essentially, I need to keep my metabolism rolling because let’s be real, I’m only getting older. So, the more I workout, the more I feel like I can eat

  • I LOVE the feeling of sweating + feeling accomplished! I feel like the more sweat I drip, the harder I’ve worked out, and essentially, the more calories I’ve burned.

  • I LOVE fitness apparel that is in stores these days… especially Lululemon, When I’m not taking blog photos, you can most likely find me in my workout apparel. It’s extremely comfortable and actually super chic (hence, the term athleisure) which is my favorite style right now.

What type of workouts do I do!?

I am pretty lucky I have a home gyme that we put ito our house so I don’t need to go far to get my sweat on. I find this makes it easy to stick to my daily workouts,

Here is a peak into what my typical workout schedule looks like weekly (with some leeway):

  • Monday: Circuit training

  • Tuesday: Cardio and Abs

  • Wednesday: Yoga ( usually a hot yoga flow)

  • Thursday: Circuit training

  • Friday: Cardio and Abs

  • Saturday: Some sort of outdoor activity like a hike with my family

  • Sunday: Run outside (usually a long run for me)

Sticking to a schedule keeps me highly motivated, I push myself and it keeps me on track and held accountable for my workout!

I make sure I mix up my workouts so I’m not completing the same workout back to back. I try to mix up my circuits rotating between lower and upper body.

I’d love to hear what type of workouts you love to complete and what keeps you motivated?


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