Most people do not like Mondays.

I actually love Mondays. Okay, I like Saturdays and Sundays a little better, but the beginning of the week to me is always an exciting fresh start.

I think my love for Mondays has to do with the fact that I am fortunate enough to love what I do everyday. I love all the mom duties, creating exciting content for my blog, taking photos, checking on all my social media. I am my own boss and basically I get to decide what to do everyday.

Monday is usually that day I decide what my week will look like. I never schedule anything for this day as I want to get myself prepared for the week ahead. I use to do this on Sundays but found that it took too much time away from my quality family time and now Mondays have become my prep days.

Being your own boss is stressful for sure, but being organized as well as being flexible has been the key for me. Mondays for me are very relaxing and exciting as I plan the week ahead. I feel that I can think clear as well as I have just come off a great relaxing weekend with family and can now be efficient in the way I plan my time for the upcoming week.

See, Mondays are fun! So what are you waiting for enjoy your Monday.

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