I live in one of the best cities ever, Vancouver, BC.

At home, it seems like I have it all. A supportive and loving family, and friends, a career that I’m endlessly passionate about, the best dog in the world, an incredible home and the list goes on. Even though it seems like I would be perfectly content to be home and ever leave I am always looking to get away to find new travel adventures to experience.

As I pack my bags and get ready for another adventure it’s hard to believe I am leaving it all behind. The million dollar question is WHY?


One of the main reasons travelling is so important to me is because it forces me to take time out. Being a personal trainer, having my own business and being a mom to 2 busy teenagers means there is always something to be done. As you can imagine I am constantly going at 100mph with thoughts, ideas and lists making sure I’m continuously efficient and staying on top of things. Travelling makes me slow down and forget about all of those responsibilities even if it is for a short time. I always come back feeling refreshed, energized and ready to tackle the world.


I am still mastering my time management. In between everything I do, I don’t feel I have much time to socialize, or see people I love as much as I’d like to.

As much as I love my career, and my family I love people. I crave social surroundings and meeting new interesting people. Travelling is a great way to incorporate those things into my life.


At home, I admittedly get caught up in my own bubble. I think we become so indulged with ‘having’ that we forget about ‘being’. It’s not an attack, that’s how our society is, there’s no getting away from it, but at the same time it’s a real shame.

We are increasingly indulged in our phones and all of the technology that we are forgetting how to interact with each other. Human interaction is one of the most beautiful and natural highs we can get - and it’s free.

When I travel I make a point of cutting myself off from all of those distractions so there is no excuse but to delight in pure conversation, love and laughter.


We live in a beautiful world, one that I have only just begun to explore. There is nothing quite like getting out of your home bubble and seeing it for yourself. Honestly, memories that last are 1 million percent unbeatable.


I love my life day to day life. I travel to reflect, explore, create and let go, not necessarily to escape.

With everything going on everyday it is very easy take things and people for granted back home, and sometimes it takes being away to appreciate their value. I always look forward to coming home, and that is something I value more and more each time I go away.


Time is an illusion. It doesn’t exist. Well it doesn’t when you’re travelling anyway, that is if you don’t want it to. You don’t have to be anywhere at any particular time, no job to get to, no appointments to make. You can travel at your own pace. FREEDOM.


With all the technology around and our busy schedule it is almost impossible to find real quality time with your family. It is amazing what happens when you are forced to experience and share things together without any distractions. One of my favourite trips are family trips. I always feel like our family comes together and comes back home with priceless memories we will all treasure.


Spend your money on memories that last forever

Don’t get me wrong; you don’t have to travel to create life long memories. But I certainly won’t be remembering the endless nights behind my computer screen, or driving my kids around to all their activities. When I travel the memories I make are the ones I will cherish forever.

Stay tuned to my Travel bog, I can't wait to share my adventures with you.

What are some of the reasons you travel?



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