Anyone that know me know that I am a wine lover. Living in BC we definetly have some of the best wines in the Okanagan. Any wine lover knows that there are many accessories to accompany your prefered whites or reds, they can be a great addition on a dinner table or make a perfect gift to a wine lover.( I hope my friend are paying attention) Wine accessories are really interesting and diverse nowadays. There are special openers, aerators, termometers, and all kinds of other cool stuff that are designed to make wine usage and storage easier and more stylish.

Wine glass top appetizer plates from Catching Fireflies are ultimate appetizer plates that can be easily carried around while sitting on top of your wine glass. Made of Acacia wood the plates come in a set of four

Wice Wine Cooler is a stylish accessory to keep your wine chilled during 3.5 hours. The Wice cooler was designed to avoid dealing with ice that drips and melts. To use the device you just need to put the cartridge in a freezer for a few hours. It doesn’t require electricity either.

Quirky Vine Wine Bottle Stabilizer is a accessory that keeps your bottles in place. When fridge or counter space is tight, you can store your favorite wines horizontally. Simply slip one of these over the neck to add an anchor that will keep the container in place. Even better, these small stabilizers stack to make storage a cinch. Let the good times roll, just not your bottles.

Having a perfectly chilled glass of wine often means a lot of pre-planning and making sure to put the wine bottle in the fridge or freezer. This Host Freeze Cooling Wine Glass Set however, is creatively designed with a built-in cooling gel at the bottom of the cup, conveniently chilling the liquids inside for hours on end.

This handy wine tool could be easily mistaken for a bottle of merlot! The Merlot Wine Craft Set is elegant yet cool and allows you to open wine more easily than before. It consists of a lever style bottle opener, stainless steel bottle collar (stops drips), stainless steel combo bottle pourer/stopper, bottle stopper and a foil cutter. After using the wine craft, the compact case shoots back together and can be stored away in the wine rack until needed again.

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