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Lets be honest wine and cheese is by far the best combo. If you ask me I could honestly live on it with some yummy bread of course. Pairing wine and cheese together is actually not so easy, I am always experimenting with this and finding the perfect combos. If you’re a beginner like me it might seem daunting to decide exactly which wine to choose for which cheese. I did a lot of research for you guys and put together this guide will help you to get started pairing wine and cheese like a pro.

Which wine with which cheese?

You might be wondering, should I start with the wine or the cheese?

I always start wine and cheese pairing by starting with a particular cheese or looking for wines for a cheeseboard. So I have decided to break it down by cheese type.

Wine with Hard Cheese

Hard cheeses include cheddar, Comté, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Manchego. They’re the easiest type of cheese to pair with wine - a medium bodied red like a cabernet sauvignon is probably going to be the most enjoyable pairing for most people but try the combination of cheddar and chardonnay

Wine with Soft Cheese

Soft cheeses range from spreadable cheeses like Philadelphia to semi-soft white rinded cheeses like brie and camembert. I like them with a fruity red like a pinot noir but rosé works well with this style of cheese too.

Wine with Blue Cheese

Blue cheeses include Stilton, Roquefort and Gorgonzola. Classic wine pairings tend to be sweet, like a port. For something a bit different try sweet sherry.

Wine with Goat Cheese

Sauvignon blanc is the classic wine pairing for goat cheese, but you could also try a crisp dry rosé (particularly for a summer picnic) or a fresh fruity reds

Wine with Melted Cheese

It’s not a cheese style in its own right but melted cheese classics such as fondue and raclette deserve a mention. They aren’t the easiest dishes to match, but a good bet is a crisp or aromatic white wine.

Which cheese to pair with your favourite wine

Most people like to pair red wine with cheese and that’s fine - just bear in mind that there are some cheeses, as I’ve suggested above, that taste better with a white wine or dessert wine so don't be afraid to experiment.

Here is a list of 10 Most Popular Wines and what cheese to pair with them....

  1. Cabernet sauvignon, merlot and Bordeaux blends - cheddar, gouda and other hard cheeses

  2. Pinot noir - brie and camembert

  3. Rhône and other southern French reds - a good all-rounder with a French cheeseboard

  4. Rioja - particularly good with sheep cheeses like Manchego

  5. Chianti - parmigiano reggiano and pecorino

  6. Port - blue cheeses like stilton

  7. Sauvignon blanc - goat cheese and feta, cheeses with garlic and herbs

  8. Chardonnay - buttery cheddar

  9. Pinot Grigio - mozzarella and other mild Italian cheeses (good with an antipasti platter)

  10. Champagne and other sparkling wine - Vacherin Mont d’or, Chaource

What are your favourite wine and cheese pairings? Tell me in the comments below....


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