It’s that time of year again when the cold weather hits and all we want to do is bundle up and stay warm. Now you may have the perfect winter coat, but your hat, gloves, and scarf situation may only be ticking the box in the function category and seriously lacking any style.

One of my favorite ways to brighten these oh-so-dreary winter days is to add a bit of fun in the form of accessories. Often winter accessories are a afterthought, but adding in a pop of color, or a bit of (faux) fur can be just the right amount of style you need to help get you through the winter season.

These are a few of my favorite cold weather accessories to brighten up your winter style and keep you warm.

Pom beanie: hats this time of the year are a perfect way to take your style to another level. Beside to add a pop of color like this red beanie and a bonus pick the one with the pom pom its the new style this year and it will make you look like the perfect snow bunny

Earmuffs: I remember wearing these when I was a kid and I also remember my mom having to make me. Well not this time I love incorporating these into my outfits, there are so many patterns, and textures to choose from just go for something that you would not normally choose to make your outfits pop.

Leather gloves: Yes I know these are black but adding some texture will make those styles bright as well. Leather is comfortable and stylish and will keep you warm. Now you can even get leather gloves that have smartphone adaptable fingers so you can keep up with your social media feeds while keeping your hands warm

Faux fur scarf: Here is that texture I was talking about, Faux fur is a great winter accessory because it is one you can wear when you are all dressed up not to compromise your classy chic look. Be careful not to over do it though, if your coat has a fur collar go with something different.

Blanket scarf: Everyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I have a small obsession with scarfs and plaid scarfs in particular so it really is not a surprise that this is a must have accessory for winter. Be creative with ones you choose this is a great way to express your personal style


I would love to hear what your go to winter accessories are, please share them in the comments below.

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