Workout gear is one of my favourite things to shop for, a girl can never have too many leggings, sports bras, or seriously AMAZING gym bags. Am I right?

If you’re like me, workout clothes are both for working out & for pretty much any other day of the week.

They’re just so comfortable. And depending on the style, they’re usually also acceptable.

SO with that being said, here are some of my latest & greatest finds.

POP OF COLOUR SPORTS BRA: Is it me or is there just something super hot about wearing bright colored sports bras? The bright colors in this sports bra are perfect for winter when you are needing some color in your life. This bright coloured addition will make you feel ready to sweat it out.

MESH LEGGINGS: Usually I stick with black leggings, but with this mesh detailing it gives my normal black style a edge., I love them!

SEXY BACKLESS TOP:If you’re like me you’re probably running errands and lounging around the house in your workout clothes so why not look sexy while doing it in this backless top.

CHIC WORKOUT BAG:Okay STOP. This gym bag is EVERYTHING. No need to say anything else, I mean, it’s so chic.

GIRLY PATTERENED WORKOUTSET: Love this set and especially the pattern. I have recently been into hot yoga and this outfit is perfect for sweating it out

Glass Water Bottle: You got me I am a collector of water bottles, I own over 20 I think but this one is a must have. It's glass plus it has color, what more do you need

So whats on your list of workout gear, please share in the comments below I am always looking for new gear.

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