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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year: a time to cozy up indoors, gather your friends and family around you and talk around the fire as the snow falls outside!!!! BUT, making your tree the beautiful centerpiece can be stressful. Now that Thanksgiving is over its time to get into Christmas mode and start your decor. Here are some pointers to decorating your tree this year – stress-free!

The perfect tree | I was excited cause this year we decided to get a new tree. I know I wanted a flocked tree this year and I am so happy with the one we chose, its got the perfect amount of white on it and I love how it looks in the space. I have only posted a few photos and I am getting so many questions about it already, This is the one, and so affordable too. You will have this tree for many years.

Pick A Colour Scheme | My first tip would be to select a colour scheme. It works for room design and it works for Christmas Tree decorating too! Selecting a colour scheme ensures that your tree looks elegant and it also helps you shop for ornaments – there are so many out there! I went with red, silver and white. warm silvers and whites, using texture, shapes and sizes can create the most elegant tree.

Original Ornaments | Have a little fun with your ornaments – they can be a conversation starter! This year I added some tree picks to my tree and I think it gives it a little something special, and my cat is loving it.

Finishing Touches | After you spend all that time and effort styling your tree to perfection add the finishing touch, the tree skirt is a great way to add texture to your tree. I went with a faux fur white one this year and love the elegance of it. I also added a wicker tree skirt on tops for a added touch. Equally important is the tree topper. I got a new one this year since and this white snowy star is the perfect finish to my tree.

Less Is More | I always suggest going with fewer types of ornaments and use them to create more of a mass to the tree rather than having one of each type of ornament you can find! I have a tree with tons of lights on it so I always feel like I don’t need much in terms of decorations.

Theme & Shop | In short, treat decorating your tree like you would decorating your living room: select a colour scheme, select a theme and go shopping! Keeping things simple and focused will ensure that you gather the right ornaments. Not only will your tree feel designed and collected, but it will work with the rest of your spaces too and be the talk of the party!

Here is a roundup of all my tree decor, some of my things are from Home Sense so I cannot link those but I have managed to find some similar things and at such great prices too.


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