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Everyone wants a cozy living room space, after all it is where we spend a lot of our time at home. Coffee table decor is a huge part of this space and it is something that I have recently done in my won home and would love to share my coffee table decor ideas with you.

There are definetly some must have elements that you should incorporate that will help you in creating the best coffee table decor.

This post is all about coffee table decor ideas.

coffee table decor
coffee table decor

Weather you have a rectangle, square or a round coffee table there are certain elements that I feel you need to incorporate to create the best coffee table decor. All of these are super easy to do and affordable and will make your face look amazing.

coffee table decor amazon
coffee table decor amazon


Height – obviously your coffee table is a flat surface and you want to add a variety of different height elements to the table, you can stack items on something to add variation to the skyline of your table

Decorative Tray - I feel like this is a must and a great starting off point, it looks clean and aesthetically pleasing. It also gives you a working area to work with while styling your coffee table.

Texture – You need to give the eye a pleasing feel with elements of texture. These can be neutral or colorful but either way pack a punch. Think of rope, baskets, wood, straw, grass, pine cones, burlap or neutral patterns.

Odd numbers – Decorating works best in odd numbers. You can have one element, two elements or three elements. After that go to odd numbers for a balanced feel.

Scale – Things work best together when they look proportionally accurate. Try to gather items that are similar in scale, not necessarily size. Also don’t be afraid to go big scale on your table for a little drama!

Colour Palette – Your coffee table will look best if it has a color palette going on that compliments the room. Keep the colors cohesive because you are working in a small space and too much color that doesn’t go together is just well, too much.

Greenery or flowers – Adding greenery or florals to your tablescape is wonderful way to bring life to your table. They have almost all of the above mixed in…texture, color and height. They are the perfect coffee table accessory my opinion.

coffee table decor ideas
coffee table decor ideas

Different Materials – You want to mix it up with your materials. Too much of the same thing falls flat and looks the same. Make sure you have a variety. Try a few of the following: glass, metal, baskets, rope, natural elements, ceramics, paper, or wood.

Pop of Colour – We talked about a colour palette, but a pop of color is great to add as well! Use your coffee table decor to pull in your signature color, draw focus and tie a room together.

Creating the best coffee table decor can be that easy using all the tips I shared above and it can also be super affordable. I am a big believer that you do not have tp spend a lot of money to create something that looks like it popped out of a interior design magazine. There are so many great affordable options for you the create the coffee table decor you want. I have sourced a few times for you that I feel would be great to add to your coffee table decor.

Decorative Trays

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Calle Holders

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Now its your turn to start and corporate all the tips I have shared with you and start your own coffee table decor.

This post was all about coffee table decor.





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