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You know I love it all.

I've done a couple of blog posts about my favorite lip products in the past,but with every new season, new brands and shades make their way onto my favorites list.  Recently I've been sharing some new brands/style of lipsticks & I've received a TON of questions. So I thought I would do a post today answering all of those questions in one spot.

Are they sticky? Stay on for a long time? Worth the price? What colour is it? Are just some questions I have received. Some of these products have quickly become my "go-tos" and all for different reasons.

So let's get into all the details!

STILLA STAY ON MATTE: I am loving this new colour I picked up for my Maui trip, I love the pink tint to this one and but I still classify this as a nude. I have to admit I have only tried this one a couple of times and since I just got it but so far I am very impressed with the long wear of this hippie. I was a great one for my beach days in Maui

TARTE LIP LINGERIE: I have to say everyone needs this one in their beauty drawer. It is little darker of a nude but I love how smooth it glides on. It is a matte but stays smooth and does not dry out. This one is not as long lasting as the Stilla one but I still love how it looks on and how it wears

KATY PERRY MATTE LIPSTICK: I find this one very similar to the Tarte Lip Lingerie, this one is not a crayon type applicator its a regular lipstick but it is a great alternative as it is very affordable and can be found at any drugstore

TOO FACED MATTE LIP COLOUR: This one is so long lasting and I love a few colours in this one but I have to admit this one does go on dryer so I do like to make sure I moisturize my lips very well before applying this one.

I am sure you guys can see a pattern here with the colours, I am a lover of nude colours in any season, there are so many options out there for the different types and even like a 1000 different nude colours. Now that you guys know my favourite hippies, is love to hear which ones you love, share them with me in the comments below...


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