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There are so many questions that I get asked all the time about Blogging. I have been blogging for 5 years now and I have learned so many things along the way. Learning is how we grow and get better at what we are doing. There are so many DO's and DONT'S of blogging but there are a few that I feel are very important to address so you can have the best success blogging.

Whether you have been blogging for a while, just started or are thinking about starting I think these blogging tips will be very helpful in having a successful blog.

This blog post is all about blogging tips

As a disclaimer, I’m sharing today what I firmly believe in, and what I value as a blogger that has worked for me up until this point. All of these opinions are my own, and I truly believe that these standards I have set for myself and my brand since Day 1 have set me up for success! I hope you find them helpful.

In no particular order, below are the values that I have practiced and preached for the past 5 years I’ve been blogging! I truly believe they have helped me achieve all that I’ve accomplished in authentic way and I will forever stay true to what I say! Don’t forget, actions speak louder than words.


  • stay consistent with your posts- your readers should know when to expect a post from you

  • hashtag up to 15 hashtags per Instagram post that are relevant to the photo

  • follow other blogs within the same niche as yours

  • interact with other bloggers within your niche to gain exposure

  • be nice and kind- create a community with other bloggers around you that are supportive

  • say no- make sure your collaborations match your brand + who you are

  • engage with your followers and earn their trust

  • be authentic and be original- be you and don’t try to impress anyone

  • stay in your own lane- don’t compare yourself + don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. you do you!

  • do stay active in your community + give back + attend events

  • respond to every single comment, IG message, email, etc that you get in a timely manner

  • commit- if you’re going to be a blogger it takes a lot of dedication + persistence

  • have patience- collaborations and growth will come, trust me!


  • don’t buy followers and don’t buy likes

  • don’t isolate yourself from the blogging community

  • don’t ignore your followers- they are the backbone of your brand

This blog post is all about blogging tips

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