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Hey Friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are strolling into Monday feeling refreshed and motivated to take on the week! I love asking my readers what type of content they want to see from me, and one of my biggest requests lately has been to share my Instagram editing tools, tricks, “secrets,” etc. It makes me so happy that you all enjoy my Instagram posts and are interested in this topic! I am a sucker for iPhone photography and editing apps (they’re seriously sooooo fun for me), there are really only 2 edditing apps I use for all my photos. So lets get to it!


This is the main app I use to edit all my photos. This app gives you so many options to be creative with your photos and get the exact look you want. It may take some playing around with the app to get what you want but ince you have it figured out you can then use the same settings on all your photos and have a very clean looking IG feed. It took me months to get a good preset set for my photos and now when I edit my photo I just have to hit one button and the photo is edited. Sometimes I make it lighter or play around with the colour depending on the lighting on the photo and the colours.


My photo is pretty much edited after I put my preset on there but sometimes I do a couple extra steps before I publish a photo. Facetune is one of those apps that, when overused, can make normal people look like an airbrushed doll (…I enjoy editing apps, but not when they are used to drastically change someone’s appearance!) – so when using Facetune, I am always careful not to go too far and only use a couple of the tools within this app. The whiten tool is something I use on certain parts of the photo that I want to brighten up, I like my photo to have a very white look so this helps in making walls whiter and backgrounds pop. I also use the smooth tool sometimes smooth out wrinkles in a shirt or a dress that are very noticeable.

That’s it! These are my must-have apps that I use daily! If you have more questions about Instagram posts or any blogging tips you’d like in general, please leave a comment below!!

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